Food Service

Pre-cooked convenience foods

The essential resource for indispensable resource for catering professionals.

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Tasty dishes ready in 1 minute

Fresh pasta and IQF sauce cubes

Italian pizzas

Wood oven baked

Tasty, healthy dishes

Nutritionally balanced, made from top-quality natural ingredients.

Deep frozen

Our meals are cooked, packaged and quick-frozen to keep their quality and organoleptic properties intact.

The perfect ally in your kitchen

Product guarantee

  • Food safety 100%
  • Meals never differ
  • Fresh pasta always al dente
  • Natural sauces
  • Diversidad de recetas
  • 21-month shelf life

Simple method

  • Quick and easy to prepare: just heat up and serve
  • Easy to customise with your own personal touch
  • No need for specialist staff
  • Sin necesidad de cocina ni de salida de humos
  • No mess
  • Kitchen open 24h

Profit assured

  • Control de costes
  • Valor añadido y diferenciación
  • No shortfall
  • Reducción de personal
  • Reducción de roturas de stock
  • Aprovechamiento de espacio en cocina y almacenaje